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Special Product Review on iSpring Ro Mineral water Filtration systems By Rich Tirendi

water filters cartridges

When does $1 = $10, $20, or maybe more?
Several years ago I made the massive mistake of purchasing a "bargain" R.O. system saving about $100 (vs. iSpring). On June 27, the bargain R.O. system failed. Specifically, the other stage, carbon block, filter housing cracked spacious and spilled ~250 gallons to the center of the home. Thank heavens, my family and i were home and our dogs could alert us to the flood. Although the flood was repaired in a hour, as well as the cleanup began immediately, damages incurred was still multiple so many dollars. My $100 savings sometimes of purchasing these R.O. method is now costing me and my insurance carrier much MUCH more. Had we been on vacation, this minor incident would have easily resulted in MAJOR damage (multiple thousands of dollars)!!!

Being forced to replace the R.O. system, I got on the internet and started to investigate who made the BEST system available. All infomration pointed to iSpring. I ordered the RCC7 and I'm able to say is "WOW!"
Here is merely a short list of major observations that differentiate iSpring from lots of its competitors´┐Ż

[1] iSpring wet tests each system for six hours ahead of shipping the system for you. (Do you need to function as the first "test" the body receives?)
[2] Every single component (such as filter housings) are NSF / FDA certified. Every piece weighs substantially more than a budget, knock-off versions. Remember, just a little filter housing could be a Real problem.
[3] Filters used are off highest quality and construction. My incoming water is 750 TDS. My post softener, pre-RO water is 675 TDS. My post-RO water is 17 TDS! I'm still astounded by the outcomes.
[4] I called customer service to ask about the technicalities of upgrading my system towards the RO-90. Employees was knowledgable, efficient, courteous, and very professional.
[5] iSpring supplies a referral incentive - that may give you the end-user with free filters. Referrals is when iSpring gets to be a large area of its business.
water filters cartridges
Rather than go on, I encourage each one to thoroughly investigate (when i did) your options, and then decide for yourself. Regarding me, iSpring was the natural choice. I don't help the organization, We've NO ownership within the company, and I haven't any family that work well for or have ownership from the company. I rarely write reviews, but when a firm / product impresses me to this particular degree, I would like to share my exposure to others. 

Post by waterfiltersystem (2016-08-30 12:47)

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